What to do?.!

Problems… Problem- the thing that has various ways of solution. Sometimes hard, sometimes easy, sometimes a lot, sometimes one or two, but in final case it has a solution and what we have to do is to find this ways to be above this obstacle in our Goalpath.


We have a problem. Problem is that we cannot solve the problems. We don’t want to find a way to solve them. In another case we don’t see the solutions because we do WORRY about them. Worrying is the most important problem of human brain. If we get worried about something, it really screwes our mind with it’s passionable character. Worry loves to fuck the human brain. But this is not true. We have to fuck the worry, not the worry to fuck us. So, that’s the point. Soultion is everywhere. You can find everywhere that you can fuck a girl, or you can make shopping, or you can go to restaurant. They are everywhere. We just have to see them. Inside our room, outside our room, inside our brain, outside our brain. We have just one work-to find the soultion.


Worry is a terrorist kills person’s mental and physical health. This is a thing that makes us to be away from solution. I don’t want to speak about the worry so much. If you want to know something about it, you can read a book called `How to Stop Worrying and Start Living`by Dale Carnegie.


Anyway, I have 4steps for you to find a slotuion.

1) Take a paper or notebook and a pen.

2)Start to write your problem or answer this question: What is my problem?

3) Write the possible solutions. But make them possible with all real facts.

4) Choose the best solution and ACT!



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