Nights are so beautiful in you…

I cant take my eyes from view.

I’ve lived a lot of things,

Good and bad memories too…


Streets seem different to me,

I can’t love Munich as you.

I don’t know what happens to me, 

When I see photos of you.


Every morning sun is shining

Above you, it makes me glad.

Every street has my traces,

Being far from you makes me sad.


Ehhh, I know your value now,

May be it’s already late.

Can I see you one more time?

Baku, please to me dont hate.


I will be back some years later, 

You will be different, grown up.

We will be together better,

You know, I won’t give up.


I will be again in balcony, 

We will speak a lot of things,

We will kill off all agony,

May be blessed all our sins..


But  now wait me,

Please don’t hate me.

I miss also, believe me, so much,

I need your help come and save me…


I love you Baku






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