Sociable youngs of Azerbaijan

by Heydarov

On Saturday I went to Ludwig Maximilian university for introduction evening of AIESEC-Munich Student Organization. It was really interesting. They made every comfort for new-comers and people were so friendly. I felt some dejavu when I went there. In Baku I was participating in almost all activities and organizations. I don’t want to be passive here also, that’s why I’m trying to be as sociable as I can. 


Actually one thing took my attraction. When I asked how many members you have, they said me that perhaps 60-90… I was really shocked. Because in Munich- full of students and youngsters- there is a big organization, and only have 60-90 members. That was really interesting. And I thought one thing. Baku. Youngs in Baku.


My favorite organization in Baku is IB CLUB. I’ve spent likely a month in there. I was going to English conversations and some other activities in IB. When I registered I was 1580th person, but 1month after it I saw that there are extremely a lot of guys registered and that was really awesome. Discussing different topics, exchanging various ideas in different languages(English, Russian, German) is just the great thing. And everybody enjoys to do it. I got  a lot of friends, a lot of special people in this alliance. 

The thing I wanna say is that there are a lot of people who are sociable in my country. Now it gives me pride to see such a development among my peers.


Feel young, enjoy the life, make friendships, be sociable…


And in the end let’s listen to good music…