Meaningless script

I left them. I opened the big gate and ran off from that hell. I am so afraid to return back. They kill people. They kill souls of people. They kill brains of people. I don’t believe them. They are monsters. No, they are vampires-wild vampires. They suck every single brain cell of people and just make them a zombie. A zombie who cannot think anything and act with only instinct… I am so afraid to return back. They always scream there. Everybody suffers. Everyone struggles of being brainless. I could snake off out of there… I don’t wanna go back… But I miss. I miss my loved ones. I hope they are fine.



This is last day for him. Last tears dropped on paper… Composer made last notes with his tears. He is tired. He is tired of being alone with his Royale. He is tired of playing dismal melodies for a girl he created in his mind. He is tired of waiting her to come to reality. He was confident… He was brave. He could do it… Last time!!! Last buttons he pushed on piano. Last single notes came out of Royale. Last ‘LA’ note finished melody. He took glass. He drank all toxic of lies. He is in a place called nowhere with his lover. He is happy now…



Waiting for me. She is waiting for me. She is my angel. I must go. Let me go out of this world. I want to be with her. in her world… Let me go…


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