ISIC(Discount card)

by Heydarov

Hello Dear Students.

All students who study in Germany(and Europe) know that sometimes it is hard to afford some costs. I have an idea for you which will help to get a discount of a lot of things. This is International Student Identity Card. 


The ISIC is a proof of student identity to a “Travel Card” student and to facilitate young people’s access to an international discounts. ISIC gives you a lot of discount opportunities in more than 100 countries. In Europe ISIC has a co-operation with UNESCO. 


In Germany ISIC has plenty of discounts for every student. The ISIC has a partnership with most famous companies such as AIFS, APPLE, EF(English First), LogiTech, Microsoft and so on.


If you want to get a discount in more than 100 countries, just contact with me.


For Online Application in Germany click here