Coca-Cola IP Assets


Hidayat Heydarov

Prepared for Knowledge Management



The Coca-Cola Company

Object of Protection:

The Words and Logo, shapes of bottles, recipe

Organization Type:


Instrument of Protection:

Trademarks, Trade Secret, Patent, Copyright


non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups


Commercialization, Branding


Worldwide (Headquarter in U.S.)

Global Issues:

Health effects


Coca-Cola Company is found in Atlanta, Georgia by pharmacist John Pemberton in 1886 as a non-alcohol `French wine Coca` which was his first beverage. Coca-Cola at first it was sold as a medicament saying it cures many diseases. Then it was famous as a soft drink that has distinctive taste and was sold at soda fountains. Dr.Pemberton’s partner Frank Robinson was the person who gave the name `Coca Cola` to this drink, as well as designed the trademarked script that is still used. In 1899 three entrepreneurs modeled bottling system and gained exclusive rights to bottle and sell the Coca-Cola products.

After having unique bottles, company started to advertise the product which now having one of the best marketing strategy. Starting with coupons to get free samples it continued with advertising in newspaper, distributing promotional goods having Coca-Cola script on them, and now it has a lot of various promotion ideas.

Actual production and distribution of Coca-Cola is made by franchises. The Coca-Cola Company produces syrup and then distributes it to independent bottlers in all over the world. Then, those bottling companies mix this syrup with filtered water, sweetens, and carbonate it before putting it in cans and bottles. After this process they send it to retailers, vending machines, etc.


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